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 “Nolan Gasser’s World Concerto was a global triumph… an absolutely superb, whirlwind musical tour that yielded rich rewards because the music was so mesmerizing… a deserved life in the repertoire.” Sue Gilmore – Oakland Tribune

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Nolan Gasser is the epitome of an eclectic composer, comfortable working in a wide-range of musical genres and styles, for a wide range of instrumental and/or vocal mediums ­– from Pop/Rock to Contemporary Classical, from Theater to Jazz, from solo piano to full orchestra, and everywhere in between. And now, Film. Nolan was fortunate to have been exposed to multiple style of music during his formative years, which combined with his natural ability to synthesize disparate musical idioms and make them his own has proven a great advantage throughout his career. Since at least the age of eleven, the long tail of “classical” music has been his most commanding calling – prodding him to undertake a rigorous educational path, culminating in his obtaining a Ph.D. in Musicology from Stanford University, in 2001. Indeed, his identity as a classical composer is the most “sacred” aspect of his musical identity, and it is a source of great pride that he is able to devote so much of his time to composing orchestral, chamber, vocal, and piano works – thanks to the generosity of numerous individual and institutional patrons.

Among the most significant works in Nolan’s recent compositional output include his opera, The Secret Garden (commissioned by San Francisco Opera in 2013, with multiple forthcoming performances, including Houston Grand Opera in 2017); Repast: An Oratorio in Honor of Mr. Booker Wright (premiered in Oxford, MS in 2014, with upcoming performances including at Carnegie Hall in April 2016); Tyler’s Suite (a choral work for Tyler Clementi, in collaboration with Stephen Schwartz, Jake Heggie, John Corigliano, and four composers; multiple performances around the country; Cosmic Reflection, a narrated symphony on the history of the Universe (premiered at the Kennedy Center in 2010, recorded by the Baltimore Symphony, and recently programmed at Stanford University, with other performances in the works); among others–see the link below for a complete list.

Another major compositional project currently in the works is Nolan’s Broadway-bound musical, Benny & Joon (based on the 1994 film of the same name). The musical—in collaboration with producer Larry Hirschhorn’s H2H Productions and MGM OnStage—has made great strides over the past few years, and is getting ever closer to its Broadway aspirations. The writers—Nolan, along with lyricist Mindi Dickstein, and book writer Kirsten Guenther, and its director Jack Cummings III—are all very excited and optimistic at the prospects moving forward. Next up is a month-long workshop in New York in August-September 2015, followed by two productions, in Chicago and Off-Broadway.

Now, Nolan is engaged in composing for film, starting with his debut project, All-Stars, starring Lance Kinsey, Fred Willard, John Goodman, Richard Kind, Angela Kinsey, and others. The film is currently in the film festival circuit.

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